We’ve talked about the importance of having a disaster restoration team on your side, and we have a great example of that from a recent disaster – a fallen tree from a storm damaged a “detached” garage.

Although this garage is “detached” (the homeowner’s insurance policy has a lower coverage cap for ‘other structures’), due to the fact that the two roofs barely attach, our Disaster Restoration team met the adjuster onsite the day after the tree fell with the mindset that it is truly “attached” and therefore should fall under Coverage A of the main dwelling, which the homeowner has sufficient coverage. The adjuster agreed (thankfully!) and we will soon begin demolition and reconstruction.

When a homeowner doesn’t understand their different coverages or the insurance jargon, and if they don’t have someone there to represent them, the insurance company will often take the cheapest road out. At first I was unsure myself on this one, but I did my homework and was able to be the best advocate for the homeowner.  It’s unfortunate, but proves why it’s important to hire a disaster restoration team.

– Leigh Gardner, Disaster Restoration Team Manager

If you have a disaster at your home – storm, fire, accidental vehicle, water – do you know what to do? Our Disaster Restoration team is here to help! With our knowledge and experience, we will ensure your home is repaired back to its original condition, if not better!

Contact us for more information about our disaster restoration services, and keep our 24/7 disaster response number somewhere handy –904.895.4122

Garage - detached or attached - MCBG Disaster Restoration

Damage to garage from fallen tree during storm - MCBG Disaster Restoration

Tarping the roof to secure the property - MCBG Disaster Restoration