In the wake of a disaster, our disaster restoration team is an advocate for homeowners. There is a lot that goes into the restoration process and we put our knowledge, expertise and relationships with insurance companies and adjusters to work for you.

Disaster can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. Are you prepared? Do you know what to do in case disaster strikes your home?

You have two options: (Click image to view it larger and download it)


After you call 9-1-1 if necessary,

You can:

1. Call your insurance company

2. Wait for the insurance company to respond, assign you a claim # and a field adjuster

3. Panic as you become overwhelmed waiting as you look at your disaster stricken home not knowing what to do next.  You may be asking yourself: how do I get all of this water out of my house, what do I do about the tree on my house and the hole in my roof, what do I do about my damaged furniture, what am I going to wear tomorrow and how do I get the smoke out of my clothes and linens, is it safe to run the electrical and air conditioning, where am I going to stay tonight and what am I going to eat?

4. wait on the field adjuster to show up and have the adjuster review the damage who will recommend payment based on a “fair” claim amount
accept the adjuster’s individual evaluation and report based on their construction knowledge that the claim amount will cover all reconstruction

5. Manage the reconstruction of your house by hiring and scheduling numerous trades (who you hope are licensed, show up and do a quality job), pull city permits, oversee the work  to reconstruct you home to what it was – or as close to it as possible

6. Call the insurance company to discuss the additional items that were discovered which were not covered in the original payment
hope the project is completed in a timely manner and of quality construction so that you can move back in

7. Pray the work is done correctly and you don’t have any warranty issues and if you do, that the company that performed the work is still around to correct any concerns and warrant their work

8. Wait on the insurance check and upon receipt send the insurance check to your mortgage company, schedule the mortgage inspection and arrange for final release of payment after you have already personally paid all of the trades you hired to repair the home

9. Hope you still have hair and sanity after trying to run and manage your own reconstruction!

OR you can

1. Call MasterCraft Disaster Restoration Emergency Response who will immediately respond 24/7 to perform emergency services (water mitigation, securing of the property, tree removal, tarping, etc) and provide you answers to what to do next; with it being the owner’s responsibility to minimize the size of the claim, MCBG knows what the insurance company immediately allows to prevent the claim from becoming larger.

2. File an insurance claim with your insurance company advising them that you have hired MCBG Disaster Restoration to handle the reconstruction for you.

3. Meet the friendly and knowledgeable disaster restoration team to review the full extent of the damage – seen and unseen! Our team will contact the insurance company and coordinate to meet the field adjuster onsite to evaluate the loss together; this ensures that all items necessary to build your home back to it is original condition are discussed and covered in the claim.

4. Sit back and relax while the disaster restoration team reaches an agreed scope with the insurance company to ensure all damages are included at proper values using our insurance estimating software.

5. Decide that you’d like to upgrade your room(s) or home and discuss options with the disaster restoration team who has experience in design and remodeling.

6. Watch as the reconstruction (+ any upgrades) and project management is performed by our knowledgeable experienced disaster team and qualified and licensed trade partners in a timely manner! The disaster restoration team will update you during the reconstruction to keep you informed every step of the way.

7. Contact MCBG DR with any warranty concerns.

8. Trust MCBG Disaster Restoration to handle all contracts and payments for the repairs to your home. Our team will assist with the mortgage process in scheduling inspections, sending all required paperwork, and requesting payment releases. Typically the only expenses you should personally incur are the repair for the cause of the problem and your deductible.

9. Return to your beautiful reconstructed home with peace of mind at no cost to you! All you had to do was make one call!