Even with today being the first day of Fall, we’re not out of the clear yet with hurricane season.  How storm savvy are you? Do you know these top storm facts?

1. Don’t assume you’re safe because you live inland — high winds and flooding can cause severe damage to your inland home.

  • • Flooding is the greatest threat from a hurricane for those living inland. Nearly 20% of all flood insurance claims are made by homeowners living in areas considered “low flood risk.” *According to National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
  • • While wind speeds significantly decrease within 12 hours after landfall, winds from fast-moving storms can well exceed hurricane strength (74 mph) far inland. Hurricane Hugo hit Charlotte — 150 miles from the coast — in 1989 with wind gusts nearly 100 mph.
  • • Tornadoes spawning from strong, organized storms pose threats to inland homes.

2. Peak-season storms typically approach from the east, while late-season storms often approach from the south.

3. Windows and doors aren’t the only things at risk from wind damage. Roofs are vulnerable, especially those more than 15 years old.

4. Storm shutters and roof bracings can make your home safer during a storm as well as help lower your insurance policy. *Talk to your agent.

5. Homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover flood damage — only flood insurance will cover it.

If your home gets hit by a storm, contact our disaster restoration team – call 904-385-4795.