Disaster Strikes: Call Mastercraft Builder Group Disaster Restoration immediately. Sign a contract and work authorization that allows us to perform any necessary emergency services and reconstruction. Then, call your insurance claims examiner to make a claim and let them know you’ve contracted with MCBG for emergency services and reconstruction.

Emergency Services: The Mastercraft DR Team will secure your property and minimize the size of the loss. During this process, we will also take pictures and document the loss for insurance purposes. This may involve removing trees, tarping roofs, boarding windows, extracting water, etc.

Remediation: Mastercraft will partner with remediation teams for mold, smoke mitigation, or dry-out processes. You’ll have to sign a  separate contract with them, as they are typically paid once their emergency services are complete. By contrast, payment for reconstruction typically goes through the mortgage company, which releases the funds as items are completed.

Contents:  If the contents of your home are damaged in the disaster, we will recommend a  partner who specializes in the cleaning of items such as textiles, electronics,  etc. Note this is separate from your dwelling coverage which only covers reconstruction.

Insurance Process: MCBG will contact your insurance claims examiner, provide them with the signed work authorization, and any updates on the claim, and meet with their field adjuster to assess the damages.  If there are structural damages, we will request insurance approval and meet with a structural engineer for a site visit,  as county permitting will require stamped engineered drawings for permitting.  Bear in mind this process takes some time.

Adjuster Site Meeting: An MCBG rep will meet with the field adjuster onsite to assess and discuss the damages. This meeting is essential to the process as it helps things go forward as smoothly as possible.

Specialty trade meeting: You might have damaged specialty or custom items that aren’t accurately represented by insurance estimating software. When this happens, we will have one of our trade craftsmen visit your home to evaluate the items and provide a bid to include them in our scope of repairs.

Preparation of detailed scope(s): An expert MCBG rep will measure, sketch and prepare a detailed scope of work or scopes if the damages fall within different coverages. We use the same estimating software, Xactimate, most insurance companies use. The pricing structure is updated monthly for any given zip code, with updates to market values within that zip code. This allows us to prepare an accurate scope with the most up-to-date pricing. Suppose there’s a sudden market spike in a particular material, like lumber. In that case, we will turn to our suppliers for bids and ensure the scope includes the proper items and pricing to restore your home properly. Depending on the size and complexity of the damages, we will likely request some uninterrupted time in your home to concentrate on capturing every detail to produce the accurate scope of repairs possible.

Construction manager site visit/scope review:  If there are structural damages, we will have our construction manager visit your home to provide details on possible county code upgrades we will include in our scope of repairs.

Submittal of scope for review: Once MCBG’s scope of repairs is complete, we will submit it to your insurance company and their field adjuster for review. During this process, we will work together with insurance to make changes/additions/revisions to our scopes to generate the final agreed-upon scope.

Insurance approval:  Once we have reached an agreement on scope and have approval from your insurance company, we will present you with the scope agreement for you to sign and return along with your deductible payment. We do not start any reconstruction until we have insurance approval; this protects both you and Mastercraft and ensures everyone is on the same page moving forward. Once we receive the signed scope agreement and deductible payment, the scope will be released to the construction manager to start the preliminary construction schedule.

Permitting:  If your job requires permitting, we will provide you with completed permit documents to sign and notarize. The permit departments require the original notarized documents, so you must return them to MCBG for permitting. If you don’t have access to a notary, we can assist in notarizing the documents with our in-house notary. Once we receive the signed permit documents, we will apply for the necessary permit.

Material Selections: Once MCBG has insurance scope approval on which items need replacing, we will guide you through the material selection process during a meeting at our local showrooms. There we will select materials or provide websites and photographs to consider if you cannot meet in person at the showrooms. You will have the opportunity to make changes and any upgrades at this stage.  Please note an upfront payment is required for any additions/overages above the insurance allotment.

Reconstruction: Once we receive the permit and all the material selections are finalized, our construction team will start the reconstruction and meet with county officials for any required inspections. Any changes or additions to the scope of work during the reconstruction will be addressed via either an insurance supplement or owner change order.

Mortgage Process:  Once you receive the insurance settlement check(s), if the check has your lender included, you will need to contact them.  The mortgage company will send you a packet of documents to complete.  If you would like, and with your authorization, MCBG can discuss the claim with the carrier, send the insurance check, schedule inspections, etc. The mortgage company typically holds the funds and releases funds as work progresses.

Completion Walkthrough: Once reconstruction is complete, we will contact you to schedule a final completion walkthrough.  A punch list of outstanding items will be completed and addressed shortly after. A county final inspection will then be scheduled if required.

Mortgage Final Inspection: The final mortgage inspection will also be scheduled with the carrier, and the MCBG representative will meet the loan inspector for their site visit if needed to discuss the completed reconstruction and sign off with the loan company that the work is complete.

Completion Sign-Off: Once we are 100% complete with the punch list items, we will ask for your signature on a completion sign-off, at which point you can reoccupy your home.

Release of Final Payment: This is when any outstanding owner options are due. Once you receive the final insurance funds from the mortgage company, they will be released to MCBG.